No evidence that Putin is ill, CIA says: ‘He is very healthy’


According to the CIA, there is no evidence of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s illness. This rumor circulated some time ago and came to the fore again due to the Russian invasion.

“There are a lot of rumors about President Putin’s health,” CIA chief William Burns said at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado. “But as far as we can tell he’s very healthy.” The latter was greeted with laughter, at which point Bronze said with a laugh that it was not the official position of the CIA. Therefore, according to the CIA, there is no evidence of ill health or possibly even cancer that he has.

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Burns went on to speak in Colorado by saying that he believes Putin is “convinced that his job as Russia’s leader is to make Russia a great power again. He believes the key to that lies in re-creating a sphere of influence in Russia’s neighbors, which cannot be done without controlling Ukraine.” .

Burns, who served as ambassador to Russia in November and traveled to Russia in November to warn of the consequences of an invasion, said. Putin really believes his rhetoric. I’ve heard him say secretly over the years that Ukraine is not a real country. Well, real countries are fighting back. And that’s what the Ukrainians did.”

William Burns, the head of the CIA, said there was no evidence of Putin's illness.

William Burns, the head of the CIA, said there was no evidence of Putin’s illness. © AFP


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