Beringen – Free movie thanks to Please Release Me

Fiercely original and traditionally made Bait, directed by Mark Jenkin It was an independent hit in the UK last year. The film was selected for the “Please Release Me” series, but due to COVID-19, the screening was canceled in March and November. Organizers for Please release me (KASKcinema, BUDA Arts Centre, De Cinema, Cinema ZED, The Roxy Theater and CINEMA RITCS) would like to see the movie and offer a free screening in your home.

After the appearance of signs “Tourists go home!” In major cities like Berlin and Barcelona, ​​they are now also popping up in small fishing towns in south-west England, according to Mark Jenkins’ beloved black-and-white drama. In this filmed and edited analog film, two brothers watch in horror as their parents’ house turns into a fantastic Airbnb, in London, yes they take up all the parking spaces with their Land Rovers, and how they lose their place at the table of their local pub because Drunk tourists in a pub crawl. The British independent director captures the two sailors’ growing excitement in a palpably expressive film Jenkin shot this film about fishing life in south Cornwall on 16mm with Bolex. As a result, the audio was recorded and dubbed separately. All of this gives the film a nice classic feel of 1940s “slice of life” cinema. But the film touches on modern themes such as gentrification and the loss of identity in an increasingly homogenous world.

In order not to deprive the audience of this unique film, Beit Van Free from November 23 to 29 Offered online. More information Through this link.

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