A commercial flight to the moon took off today after all Sciences

Space This will be the first time that a commercial company has landed such a device on the moon.


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The 4-meter-tall Nova-C from Intuitive Machines is scheduled to conduct research into a crater on the moon’s surface. Astronauts could also be sent there in the future. The last time humans walked on the moon was about half a century ago in 1972.

The Nova-C is roughly the size of a British phone box, weighs about 700kg, and can carry a payload of about 130kg. Most of them are research materials for NASA, while another part is shipments for some commercial companies’ projects.

The moon landing should take place in about a week. The device was initially scheduled to launch from Cape Canaveral Space Center on Wednesday, but then had to be postponed.

look. Martin Peters explains more about the lunar lander

After several failed attempts, Intuitive Machines is looking to make its first commercial landing. This will be the first American landing on the moon – albeit without a pilot – since the Apollo missions more than fifty years ago and the first commercial landing on the moon in the history of space travel. So far, only government organizations have succeeded.

Landing on the moon is technically very difficult, and things often go wrong. This year alone, two planned landings went differently than planned.

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