Between the Ears: Advice from Eric Scherder’s Book

he asks every month new world scientist for a book hint. This time: a professor of neuropsychology Eric Scherder Guess between the ears? By Rien Vermeulen and Joop Bouma.

There are thousands of people in the Netherlands who suffer from paralysis in one or both legs, without any fault of nerve control in their legs. But studies show that there is indeed a disorder in the brain. As a result, certain areas can no longer adequately communicate with each other. These symptoms are consistent with a condition known as a functional neurological disorder.

But instead of proper treatment, these people are called “psychopaths.” It can make me so sad – it’s so sad that these people are not taken seriously.

with the book between the ears? Rien Vermeulen gives all of these patients the recognition they deserve. It shows that we need to treat this condition in a completely different way. In this way it awakens caregivers, and it also provides excellent information for family members and friends.

However, the book isn’t just unsettling. It mainly provides reassurance to the many patients in the Netherlands who feel misunderstood. And we hope: the disease is treatable. Not only with psychological help, but also with physical therapies. The combination of recognition and a correct treatment perspective makes the book a premiere in the field.

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