Macron is trying to get the French to stand behind him in a televised speech: “I am not deaf from anger, but standing still is not the solution.”

French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the population this time at 8 pm and not at noon as it was a few weeks ago. It was his first televised speech since the new pension law was officially passed last weekend.

Perhaps those who listened to the speech imagined themselves in 2022. Macron emphasized what had already been achieved and, above all, announced what he and the French government planned for the coming weeks and months. Getting as many people as possible behind him was clearly the point of the speech. In this way, Macron hopes to quell discontent within French society over pension reform.

As it should be clear, Macron remains behind this reform. “Necessary change” for the welfare of future generations, to ensure retirement for all. “We couldn’t do anything.” The president acknowledges that the pension reform has not been “accepted” by the population and says he is not deaf to “Collier’ that have been expressed in the streets for weeks. “But stagnation is not the solution, nor is extremism,” says Macron. We work together for the independence of the country. A message he has already announced several times in recent months.

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