BGT judge Amanda Holden shares a bikini photo with anger: “Why is it taking so long?” (Photo)

In addition to the beautiful photo, she also shares her fans with her dissatisfaction and lack of understanding on Instagram.

Amanda Holden, British judge on Got Talent, makes his voice heard once again. You look at a previous vacation and point to a later flight that you canceled due to coronavirus.

Despite my negative coronavirus test, I decided not to travel on “Boxing Day” – known to us as “Boxing Day”. It appears that “I could have spent my vacation safely with my family.”

“Why are people in the UK now just deciding to test people entering our country? We have all had to give up a lot already. A lot of us have taken responsibility. We have already shown a lot of respect and goodwill for each other,” she continues.

“Why is it taking so long?”

Amanda continues: “I got angry when I heard the news this morning. For a whole year, our government ignored the rules across our borders. Other countries have been doing this for some time. Why is it taking so long with us? Nobody has the answer … or even questions about it?”

“Surely this would slow the spread, right? Keep yourself safe and try to remain patient and calm, despite the fact that we (sit down with, editor) are not allowed common sense,” she concludes. And if we take a look at the reactions at the photo below, there are many who agree with it. Watch:

Photo: Instagram

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