Big Brother Jill Winner: “I just wish I had stayed home longer than I was in quarantine.”

Yesterday it was time for my final Older brother. Additionally, the 22-year-old Jill appeared as a winner. The Dutch was chosen by the spectator as the winner and immediately won € 70,405.50. Shortly after her victory, she gives her last interview in it Older brother-a house.

After 100 days, the first new season of Older brother. In the final, which was marred by disrupted voting sites, the younger generation was chosen as the winner. “I was hoping, but I didn’t expect it,” she said after her victory.

“Staying home longer than being quarantined”

Jill’s ambitions were not high at the beginning of her engagement. When I came, I just thought, “I wish I could be at home for longer than I was in quarantine.” Candidates had to apply to participate. Older brother That is, to stay in quarantine for two weeks. “And now I’m sitting here with my money … as a winner. That is the best.”

Jill can hardly describe the feeling of winning. “I feel everything, I don’t have the words for it. It’s just. She’s so beautiful, so cute. It’s unbelievable. I’m so grateful for everything and everyone.”

‘Grew as a person’

Jill also leaves the house as a different person. “I really saw it as an experiment. There were times when I confronted myself. I grew up from an insecure girl to who I am now. I think I have a strong position now.”

But it wasn’t always easy. “I didn’t even know I was so insecure. At one point, I wasn’t enjoying the things in the house either. I saw everything as usual. Here I really realized:“ What was I really thinking weird about? ”. I must enjoy all the little things out there. I will enjoy every little moment that comes … and eat a lot of egg cake. “

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