The Week app: Predict the weather instantly with the Today Weather app

Do we really need the weather forecast in the Netherlands? If you say the sun shines sometimes, there will be clouds and it will rain (or snow), that means you have almost everything. Fortunately, not everyone views the weather this way and there is much more to discover. real? Today we’re looking at the Today Weather app.

The weather today

Earlier we took one in this section Look at Overdrop, A weather app that focuses on design. For this week, one of Overdrop’s competitors is in the spotlight, Today Weather. With The weather today You might get one of the more comprehensive weather apps that you can download from the Google Play Store. Compared to Overdrop, it is immediately noticed that attention has been drawn to the functions and hence “less attention has been paid” to the design. Which app is the best is a personal matter and I cannot answer it.

Today’s weather instellen

Today Weather is an app where ease of use is paramount and you’ll also notice that in the setup. There are not endless pages full of settings that you must define first, but rather one that completes in one step: Make your site accessible. Once permission is granted, the Today Weather home screen will load and you can view the weather forecast.

You will still see a red exclamation mark on the home screen after setting up the app. Clicking it will take you to the app panel to set the weather provider. Out of the box, the app is set to its own weather provider, Today Weather. Additionally, you can choose from Dark Sky, Weatherbit, Foreca, Open Weather Map, and a number of local weather providers. If you’re a fan of Dark Sky, you’ll have to purchase the premium version of Today Weather. This also applies to weather providers like Accuweather.

View weather forecast

After setting the provider, you don’t need to worry about the app anymore. Of course it’s possible to add widgets to your home screen – including a widget that displays the weather forecast for the upcoming hours. If you open the app, you’ll always end up in the splash screen with the current temperature on top, below wind chill, UV index and humidity.

The Week app: Predict the weather instantly with the Today Weather app

If you scroll down, you’ll find a list with hourly weather forecasts and a list of daily weather forecast. Below you see another map with a chance of precipitation. If you click on it, you will find several graphs there, including data about the UV Index and the dew point. If we go back to one tab, we see a graph that we don’t often find in weather apps on the Play Store: Air Quality Index (AQI). For this purpose, Today Weather consults with maps of Dutch air gauges. By clicking on the graph you can see exactly what is the situation in your area.

Lots of info in your area – Today Weather offers the possibility to use the radar to view the situation across the Netherlands (or Belgium). If you open the radar, you will first see the precipitation radar; Without a Premium account it’s unfortunately not possible to look ahead with the radar. However, you can view all radars, including temperature radars and AQI radars. Thus it provides a picture of the environment in which you are. Especially in the summer when the heat leads to the formation of ozone, it is wise to observe such graphs.

The Week app: Predict the weather instantly with the Today Weather app

Today is weather proven

Today Weather is basically free to use, but its free configuration lacks options like the Dark Sky weather provider and Today Weather radar options. A Today Weather subscription costs 2.39 € for six months, 3.29 € for a full year or 6.99 € if you want to go beyond subscriptions. Today’s Weather is available at Google Play Store Such as Apple App Store (For iOS and iPad OS).

Today's Weather - Verwachting & Radar

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