Biophysicist Cece Decker: ‘The story of creation and the big bang go well together’

Cees Dekker is a pioneer in the field of interaction between physics and biology and is involved in nanotechnology. For example, he studies the biophysics of molecules in a biological cell. Dekker has made many fundamental discoveries in the field of carbon nanotubes and they have been cited as many as 74,000 times.


Decker is a well-known scientist and Christian. A combination that many people look up to and is criticized here and there as well. From a scientific point of view and from an Orthodox Christian. But according to Decker, religion and science fit together very naturally. “There is no fundamental conflict between faith and science. Many of the big names in science have been ardent Christians.”

cosmic vision

Decker explains that he views the world in two different ways. “You have the physics from which you describe how the world works and how, for example, a loop is formed in DNA. In addition, you have metaphysics, this is how you explain the world. What is your view of the world? How do you see the world? I concluded that the gaze The Christian religious worldview suits me more than the atheist worldview.”

.the great explosion

According to Decker, the creation story goes well with knowledge about the Big Bang. “When the Big Bang was discovered, it was criticized a lot because it seemed like a creation story. After the Big Bang, there were a lot of very distinctive natural laws. To me, that fits perfectly with the religious worldview.”

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