‘Black Saturday’ on the road: 2 hour wait already in Gotthardtonell, traffic to Orange already off

Therefore, many motorists risk getting stuck in traffic next weekend. “With regard to departing travelers, it is preferable to leave on a Sunday afternoon or on a Monday if you have this option. To return, it is better to wait until the end of the week. Then the chances of traffic jams are less,” says the Mobility Tour organizer.

Touring also recommends making sure your car is technically sound, so that it doesn’t cause a new traffic jam due to a crash. “Because of the heat, one has to think about a cooling system that will be operating at full capacity,” says Danny Smagghe of Touring. “And it’s better not to deprive the battery of too much power. We know that people use the air conditioner completely, but you have to maintain it a little, otherwise you can stop quickly when the battery is worn out. Also your tires should be fine, because you can Exploding from the heat.”

Not only should you take care of your car, but you should take care of yourself and your passengers as well. “Be sure to stop every two hours to stretch your legs and get rid of fatigue. Fatigue is as bad as too much alcohol. And drink on time, so make sure you get drunk in the car.”

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