New Single Flowlove – “Get With You”

The flow of talent from the United Kingdom seems to be slowing down, and more and more striking: the new artists coming up with decent music are getting younger. For example, a recent arrival on our radar was Flowlove, a musical project by seventeen-year-old(!) Joyce Siss. Rooted in the Ivory Coast, the Londoner released a debut EP in his young career but never stopped. Singles have already been released over the past two years, with the new highlight being “Get With You.”

You might not immediately describe the singing of a seventeen-year-old, but you’ve never heard Flowlow. A psychedelic guitar provides an interesting introduction, after which the atmosphere immediately turns beautiful and summery. A sultry bassline gets you on the dance floor, while the Brits themselves provide the final touch. A great combination, because “Stay With You” is undoubtedly one of the strongest songs we’ve heard this summer already. Fun, dreaming and dancing: Plovlov is a name to keep an eye on here.

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