Bob Marley’s Range Rover could be yours

The “smoker’s car” theme is usually themed with ad defects, but not in this case. This car is probably worth more only because the owner was an avid smoker. Furthermore: Not much furnishings were left anyway. This 1980 Range Rover Classic was owned by none other than Bob Marley. It could be you.

The name on the original recording is “Robert Nesta Marley”. The Range Rover leaves the factory in Masai Red, but has been repainted in a mixture of black, green and blue. Obviously, the car was painted by the Marley kids. Little remains of the original and second lacquer.

Bob Marley uses the Range Rover in both Jamaica and the UK and ships the car back and forth by boat. Just where the car is needed at that moment, probably. Bob Marley can’t enjoy the car for long, because he passed away in 1981 at the age of 36. The musician also owned a 1976 Land Rover, which was recovered and restored in 2015.

Bob Marley’s Range Rover doesn’t look good

Yes, Bob Marley’s current Range Rover looks more like a stunt vehicle from an old James Bond movie, but it has a lot of potential. According to the seller, the value of the restored reproductions is around 150,000 euros and because this range belonged to a famous person, you can add another 20 percent to that, according to the seller.

If you want to make it a stylish Range Rover again, you’ll have to disassemble everything. The previous owner has already started it, because the engine is in the trunk. According to the counter, the car has covered only 100,000 km. You can bid on Bob Marley’s Range Rover at the Classic Cars Hands-on & Restoration Show in Birmingham on March 26th.

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