Opportunities for US vegetable exports after the shortage in Europe?

The European continent suffers from a severe shortage of vegetable stocks due to the cold weather in Spain and Italy. Does this provide opportunities for US exporters, such as AMS Export.

“This week I was asked to serve peppers from Mexico and lettuce from the US for Europe. However, I doubt we will take orders due to the risks associated with differences in food regulations between Mexico/US and EU/UK.” Rob Burley from AMS Export.

GlobalGAP, a common standard for farms, is rarely found in the US, which means UK buyers will have to accept crop input lists (PPPL and spray registration), and US lab tests for MRLs and microbiological residues. “We will stand behind product quality, but I don’t think growers and exporters from Mexico and the US want to take the risks associated with MRL and microbiological testing in the UK, where results can vary.”

“Having said that, we do have access to plots that comply with EU and UK regulations. However, retailers and importers are often too slow to assess due diligence and risk,” Burley said. “By the time the data provided is checked, the crop has already moved to another field. It is difficult to export it to Europe in the short term.”

In the past, AMS has transported lettuce to the UK to fill shortages. However, the current low margins throughout the supply chain mean that there is less room for risks and associated costs. As a result, consumers may encounter empty shelves. This situation is not expected to last for long as temperatures rise and things are expected to gradually return to normal.

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