Warsaw Blocks Tenth European Sanctions Package

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki© AB

Poland Blocks Ratification of Tenth European Sanctions Package Against Russia According to diplomatic sources, Warsaw does not think restrictions on imports of synthetic rubber from Russia are sufficient.

The European Union has been working on a 10th package of sanctions for weeks and plans to unveil it on Friday, the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, approval of sanctions requires the green light of all 27 member states, and Poland is currently unwilling to participate. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki thinks import restrictions on Russian synthetic rubber, used in tire production, don’t go far enough. After all, at Italy’s request, a longer transition period will be granted, which Poland refuses.

During a visit to Kiev on Friday, Morawiecki confirmed that he could not support the sanctions package for the time being. The measures were “very easy, very gentle,” the Polish prime minister told reporters in the Ukrainian capital. Warsaw wants to put more Russians on the sanctions list and ban the import of more products.

According to EU diplomats, the matter now needs to be clarified between Morawiecki and his Italian counterpart, Giorgia Meloni. Both their parties belong to the same conservative group in the European Parliament.

The United Kingdom and the United States have already unleashed their toughening measures against Russia. The tenth set of European sanctions includes restrictions on Russian imports worth 11 billion euros. The European assets of another three Russian banks in the EU will also be frozen and Iranian companies supplying drones to Moscow will be targeted. Finally, the sanctions list of the regime’s confidants will be further expanded.

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