Groningen organizations want to invest in health

Health care institutions, citizens’ initiatives, health insurance companies, governments and knowledge organizations have developed a common vision for the health of the people of Groningen: “The regional vision of healthy living, healthy care”.

Wilga Strating, Menzies’ director of care, handed the report over to Deputy Tjerd Van Dieken.

Groningen is healthy

Groningen residents are less healthy than residents in other parts of the country. There are also significant differences between the people of Groningen. With the regional vision, we want to ensure that the people of Groningen live healthier and longer. More than 40 organizations that have adopted the regional vision have united in the Groningen Health Consultancy. This is a combination of the Better Groningen (POG) and Better Groningen advisory platforms.


Waiting lists should be shorter for specialized medical care (such as ophthalmologists), nursing homes, nursing homes, home care, and mental health care.

Growing healthy and living in a healthy living environment starts from conception, supported by, among others, the Kansrijke Start programme. Then, a rich school day (Tijd voor Toekomst) at school contributes to the health of the students.

Healthy working population. Many healthcare workers will perform other work. It is because in practice the business is not what they previously expected. Health care staff should be more prepared for this, but work should also be improved, so that they can continue to work here with more pleasure.

Use of digital and health data. Make better use of health data, such as in Lifelines and GGD’s health screens. With this data, a map of healthcare and health care can be drawn.

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national developments

Nationwide, too, more is being invested in health. The regional vision is closely aligned with the National Integrated Care Agreement and the Healthy and Active Living Agreement.

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