Liz Truss succeeds Boris Johnson as UK prime minister: ‘I campaigned like a Tory, and this is how I’m going to govern’

Liz Truss, the current Foreign Secretary, will succeed Boris Johnson as British Prime Minister. It was announced Monday afternoon. The British Conservatives elected her the new party leader, and thus automatically prime minister. “It’s such an honor to be elected,” she said immediately after her election.

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Since Boris Johnson announced his resignation as party leader at the start of the summer, Britain’s Conservatives have been embroiled in a succession battle. After a week of race for elimination, two candidates remained: Foreign Minister Liz Truss and former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak. In recent weeks, they’ve been touring members’ evenings across the country, because party members are in charge.

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Truss had been comfortably ahead in the polls for weeks. According to the latest survey conducted by a research agency YouGov The 47-year-old politician from Oxford will trail him with 66 per cent of the membership. Sunak will have to get 34 percent of the vote. She was elected on Monday, with 57.4 percent of the vote.

“Thank you very much”

In her speech, Truss thanked everyone who voted for her, her rival Ritchie Sunak – “it’s been a tough electoral race” – and her predecessor Boris Johnson. “It is an honor to be elected prime minister,” she said. “I have been campaigning as a conservative for the past few months and will govern as a governor.” She promised to adjust Britain’s energy bill, lower taxes, grow the economy, and be decisive in other areas as well. “I will deliverI repeated several times. “I will deliver on all the promises made in 2019 and lead us to victory in the next election in 2024.”

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Boris Johnson is expected to present his resignation to Queen Elizabeth on Tuesday, who will then receive Truss and ask her to form a new government. Truss became the UK’s third female prime minister, after Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May.

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