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Breathing comes naturally. But wrong breathing can cause all kinds of problems. Just as good breathing stimulates our health. Learning how to breathe properly is one of the many preventive training courses and workshops at Lijf & Visie.

Lijf & Visie (formerly practicing physical and movement therapy), Wilhelminalaan 74, is a trusted address. Specialist therapists from a wide range of specialties are available to treat back, shoulder, neck and other complaints. They also provide all kinds of handles to prevent complaints.

Prevention is better than cure. Fortunately, that’s largely in your hands. Everyone is different, which is why Lijf & Visie offers so much personalized attention and customization.

Sverre Eschweiler, Team Leader of the Fit Division. You can follow various training courses and workshops under the supervision of experts. Individually, in small groups, or with a few people. Develop an exercise plan with personal and achievable goals. The coach pays attention to the correct posture and implementation of exercises, so that injuries can be prevented in time. ”

Many complaints are related to stress. Stress is part of life, but when it takes chronic forms, problems arise. Work pressure and increased incentives are important reasons. Research shows that in the Middle Ages, a person had as many triggers in their life as they do now in a single day. Sverre: “Every time you get a stimulus, it affects your breathing. Not breathing properly leads to complaints, like fatigue. It’s mainly about awareness. Exercise helps you control your breathing. It makes you stronger and more flexible.”

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Lijf & Visie offers several workshops to improve breathing. In combination with heat and/or cold training. The body is exposed to cold, along with yoga, breathing and other exercises, nutritional advice, etc., it provides more insight into the body, better balance, rest, better immune system, less stress, better sleep and more breath. Self-confidence, better fat burning and weight loss

Breathing can also be learned better without an ice bath, through training that specifically focuses on breathing. “We go to the beach for that, for example.”

Plus a wide range of individual and group programs to keep you fit and stay fit.

Like a back, neck and arm triathlon. This program provides the possibility to effectively increase the endurance of the back or neck arm. Individual back training program in a group for one year.

With circuit training, get out as often as possible in small groups with an instructor. With exercises to strengthen the body and improve its condition. It is not a strong sport, although it does contain strength elements. You don’t have to be strong for this, it’s also possible with physical limitations.

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