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The latest issue of Comic Info Sheet will be released on June 22nd Comic book It always sinks its teeth deep into the subjects it addresses. The content of Release 11, again 128 pages thick, is very different. From the cover Mark Waterline, A portrait is also drawn. To the Flemish artist Boat The traditional author’s file is dedicated. The big bone of British comic culture came from the famous comics expert Paul GrovetComic book The number below introduces you.

“Success has many fathers, but failure is a lonely orphan.” You may be familiar with this expression; In this context it raises the question of who can glorify the ‘father’ of the strip? However, at least one famous father is from England: William Hogarto (1697-1864), London artist and painter. That too when he drew a scene of a prostitute in her boudoir The progress of a prostitute Noted, this is a proto-comic.

For this edition, the renowned British comics expert Paul Grovet Renowned for pioneer expos inside and outside the UK and author of several major works in British comics culture. In a detailed file he sees what was, what is present and what is to come. He says: “Above all, by exploring how we got here, we can appreciate more here and now and get a better idea of ​​where we are going. Yes, you can try to combine the rich, complex history of British comics into one long chronology or multiple chronologies, but looking at the past in a linear way will lose sight of the big picture. ”Following the Thirteenth Portfolio – I! – Contemporary British makers. The magazine opens in style. After the covers Dave McCainComic book # 7), Chris WareComic book # 8), Nicholas de GracieComic book # 9) and GAL (Comic Wizard # 10) Creates Another Belgium – Mark Waterline – A double cover.

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