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TennisBoris Becker threatens to never enter the UK again, once he is released. Recently, the German tennis legend (54) was transferred from Wandworth to a less ruthless prison life at HMP Huntercombe in Oxfordshire. This is an institution that specifically targets foreign prisoners, which means that Baker will be deported after he has served his sentence in prison.

Baker was sentenced in April to 2.5 years in prison, half of which is valid, the sentence he is serving in the English capital. The German received this ruling for withholding €2.5 million from the bankruptcy trustee after he went bankrupt in 2017.

Boom Boom Boris initially had a hard time in his cell at Wandworth and sighed when he was able to move on to Hunter Comb, which various sources described as a “real upgrade.” From “hell on earth” to the so-called “welfare prison”, where detainees are treated much better. Where Baker plays a lot of table tennis. Where he saw his student Novak Djokovic win Wimbledon. Moreover, soon he managed to get a job there, as a teacher of mathematical sciences. He is allowed to teach fellow prisoners the importance of exercise, exercise and healthy eating.

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But according to the insider, that’s only because, as a former tennis legend, he gets preferential treatment: “You usually have to sit for years before you can get such a good job inside the prison walls. It’s a great privilege, as you usually have to Showing good behavior for a very long time. Becker got the job straight away.” This does not serve many relatives of other detainees. They filed a complaint, because such a thing is not possible, right? Isn’t it because you’re famous that you deserve these privileges more than anyone else? “

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However, according to the Prison Board, this is not true. It appears that “convicts here simply have access to a variety of employment and training opportunities.” “And just to be clear: Baker is not allowed to work in the gym. This is a very desirable job, but it is definitely for detainees who have been with us longer.”


What happened to Boris is horrific. Not worth this.

John McEnroe, his former rival

But this step also comes with a major drawback. Baker, who has been officially living in the British capital since 2012, threatens never to enter England again. Three-time Wimbledon champion who will never see the sacred grass again. He will also be able to whistle about his job as an analyst at Sky on British TV.

“Any foreigner who has been sentenced to prison for a criminal offense will be deported as soon as possible,” an Interior Ministry spokeswoman said. In plain language: the world number one must leave the country as soon as he leaves prison. He can’t log in anymore.

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Becker’s deep fall is still hotly debated in the tennis world. John McEnroe, who, like Baker, has won Wimbledon three times: “Boris is my friend. What happened to him is horrific. He does not deserve this. “

Baker himself is now planning the next step. He plans to move to an institution in Germany in November. It is likely that he will get what he wants, as Baker has never applied for British citizenship. This means that it is covered by the Early Removal System Act. It states that foreign prisoners can be deported to their home countries up to 270 days before half of their prison term. Once in Germany, there are two options: the judge will decide whether Boris can serve his remaining sentence in prison or at liberty. Needless to say, Baker hopes to spend the end of the year at home.

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Baker with his girlfriend Lillian on the day of his sentencing in April:

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