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Fifty thousand testers are looking for vulnerabilities in the IT site in companies. It is available in Belgian Indigriti. Stijn Johns, Founder and Director, says, ‘Through our Buck Pound program we can only work in the defense of companies. ‘In addition, we help people living in poor countries with incomes that will change their lives.’

Johns, who for the establishment He was also the Director of the Security Factory in 2016 as Director of Intigriti Infiltration Testing Consulting, and one of the speakers at Sphere22, a conference of security expert Whitshecker in Helsinki. Then, the computer speaks to him. “My clients at The Security Factory appreciated the work we did,” explains the computing company’s 2021 IT person. ‘But yes, the test results come from a study we did in January, for example. What was it like six months later? Vulnerability is a snapshot, but attacks happen all the time and change over time. However, no one can hire pen testers on a regular basis. Using the wisdom of a crowd, I came up with the idea of ​​Indicriti. The company now has offices in the European Union, the United Kingdom and Singapore.

Army of Testers

“Initigriti is basically a platform for supply and demand: companies that want to explore their network boundaries and ethical hackers who are ready to take the plunge”

Works with Johns Cafoundary And KU LeuvenHe runs the company and makes good use of the expertise of the Professor’s Distrinet Lab. Water Jason

Initigriti is really a platform for supply and demand: companies who want to explore their network boundaries and ethical hackers who are ready to take the plunge. The number of customers and the number of pen testers has expanded significantly over the years. You could say that there is a force of testers in Integrity. They are paid according to their findings. Premiums vary from five hundred euros, but can go up to one lakh. We have the SAS site that links more than fifty thousand protocol hackers to companies. This makes us the largest in Europe. We are in the top three globally. Only two sites are comparable in size in the United States, ‘explains Jones.

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Someone may explore the boundaries and not find anything. Then there is the premium. ‘We also notice that passion is a driving force among our participants. At the same time, we see the value of reward. We have testers who can get out of poverty through this work and they can create a normal life. They are independent and get paid for decisions, not for the time they work. Some work part-time, while others work full-time.

He has testers in a dozen capabilities, including the Internet, mobile, open source, IoT, network and hardware. And now there are more than three hundred error bounty programs. Chip manufacturer Intel, for example, has its own buck pound plan, but has been involved with Intigriti since December 2021 to manage the plan.

Research on the work of the site conducted by Intigriti every year shows that ‘his’ testers are the best. “Sixty-four percent of our researchers have found previously unannounced vulnerabilities since May 2021.” Intigriti launched the expressway project six months ago. “Searching for vulnerable patterns, configuration and implementation errors is much more difficult than finding zero-day exploitation. Solutions are far more difficult to develop. Unlike other vendors’ previous initiatives, all bug gifts collected go directly to the researcher, and the research remains their intellectual property, “Jones said.

He sees this as encouraging innovative applications. Protocol encourages the fast track to discover unique and innovative approaches within the hacker community. “In addition, it allows companies to detect security risks before they are exposed,” he adds.

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The new generation

“Most hackers come from India, followed by the US and Belgium”

From Annual Survey, Released on June 1, shows that almost three-quarters of the respondents were under the age of thirty. ‘We work with the new generation of pen testers. Only seven percent are forty or older, ” Jones concludes. Some more statistics: In the first week after a project is launched, an average of 53 vulnerabilities are found; 23 percent of registered hackers make at least one report a month; And 71 per cent of companies receive the highest first critical submission within 48 hours of launching their project in Indigriti.

Most hackers come from India, followed by the United States and Belgium. Other countries in the top ten are Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Turkey and Pakistan. The Netherlands ranks second (next to Belgium) with the best performing researchers. The remaining top ten places are: France, India, USA, Germany, Turkey, Finland, United Kingdom and Vietnam.


Epidemic testing has affected the work that the community does. Three-quarters said their skills had improved during that time, 35 percent said they excelled at it, 23 percent said bug reward schemes were more enjoyable, 53 percent said they had more time, and finally 32 percent had more time. Chased bugs.

When asked about the error limit as a career activity, 96 percent said they would like to spend more time in it in the future, while 66 percent believe that turning it into a full-time job, and 95 percent believe that at least one friend. He also works as a protocol hacker.

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Finally, it is noteworthy that more than a quarter of those who did not do pen tests outside the error pound program. According to the answers, it is related to legal status. After all, hacking is prohibited by law, but Intigriti has developed a legal framework for this.

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