British Foreign Secretary: Russia is trying to justify the invasion of Ukraine

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British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said on Saturday that Russia was conducting a disinformation campaign to justify the invasion of Ukraine. “Russia must stop its aggression, stop escalation and engage in meaningful talks,” the minister wrote on Twitter.


A US Defense Department spokesperson told the media on Friday that Russia is conducting a “false flag operation” in Donbas, a pro-Russian region of Ukraine in rebellion against the Western-backed government in Kyiv. This operation should serve as a justification for the invasion of Ukraine. The Kremlin has strongly denied the allegations.

Ukraine and the United States say Russia has amassed hundreds of thousands of troops near the border and is preparing for an invasion. This claim, in the eyes of the Kremlin, is merely an attempt to further escalate tensions. US Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said earlier this week that grounds are being laid to justify the invasion of eastern Ukraine.

Several high-level consultations last week did not lead to a breakthrough in the conflict.

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