British Minister: “United Kingdom supports sovereignty …

The four nations of the United Kingdom support Gibraltar and its sovereignty. British Foreign Secretary Dominique Robb says after the policy agreement with Spain on the free movement of goods and people between Gibraltar and Spain.

Rob spoke of “serious negotiations with the Spanish government” which led to the agreement in principle. It said it would form the basis of a separate agreement between the UK and the EU on Gibraltar.

“Meanwhile, all parties are committed to mitigating the impact of the end of the transition period (Brexit, et al.) In Gibraltar and ensuring smooth border traffic, which is evident in the interests of the people living on both sides of it. Said Rob. “We are committed to our support for Gibraltar and its sovereignty.”

Spain and the United Kingdom reached an agreement in principle on Thursday between Spain and Gibraltar on maintaining the free movement of goods and people. This will prevent the border between Spain and Gibraltar from becoming the EU’s external border from January 1, after the end of the post – Brexit transition period, Spanish Foreign Minister Aranza Gonzalez Laya reported.

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