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Also, regular exercise should not be neglected during the spread of the Coronavirus, as we can better protect ourselves from viruses and other diseases by strengthening the immune system. Not only is intake of vitamins and minerals important, but exercise is also an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

Where and how do they move?

There are countless sports options, everyone can find the type of workout that suits them best. In addition to outdoor sports, you can practice various exercises in the gym, gyms or even at home, in our living room. Unfortunately, we have been forced to live in a closed room due to the Coronavirus and the weather limits the forms of outdoor movement. Gymnastics in the hall or at home are more effective and efficient if we listen to music in between. The rhythm of the music sets the rhythm of the movement, motivates you and of course, feels good. The beneficial effects of music are well known and scientifically proven to also have a positive effect during exercise. However, it does not matter what conditions we are moving in.

Acoustics and Sports

In closed rooms and walls, sounds are reflected off the ceiling surface and create annoying echoes. A loud voice can cause long-term headaches and nervousness, which also negatively affects athletic performance. That is why it is definitely useful to treat the walls and ceilings of rooms and rooms with acoustic absorbing panels and diffusers, which not only improve the acoustics, but also filter out external noise. In training and fitness areas, this can eliminate reverberation and create a pleasant atmosphere. Perhaps perfect acoustics are more important in ballrooms, because dance and music are indispensable additions to each other. In order to improve the sound of a room, we seek help from professionals who use acoustic measurements to determine where, how many and what type of acoustic elements to place. Even if we buy the best quality speakers and amplifiers, if we don’t deal with the room’s acoustics, we will be disappointed with the performance of the audio and hi-fi devices.

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A small movement couldn’t hurt anyone

Inactive work, lack of exercise, and malnutrition can be harmful to health. No matter how tired we feel after work or school, try to get some exercise. Regularity is important if you want to achieve effective results. If you like nature and fresh air, wear running shoes and jogging, or hop on the saddle and cycle in the area. Thanks to our high-quality sports earbuds, you can enjoy your music on the go with us! On the other hand, if we don’t have the capacity to do this, or if we only prefer indoor sports, we can even move around the house. More dynamic and fast rhythmic music is best suited for sports. The bass sound and rhythm boost a good mood and keep you on the move. However, if it resonates a room or hall, music cannot exert its positive effects. Traditional building materials are not able to absorb deeper sounds, so the sounds bounce back and forth between the walls, which degrades the sound to a great extent and also has a very bad effect on the body. Constant, prolonged noise and distorted music can cause headaches, tension, and ear fatigue. By using sound absorbing panels and diffuser elements, these problems are eliminated and we have a pleasant sound.

Let’s also practice against stress!

Unfortunately, many of us are exposed to the effects of daily stress that cannot be avoided. Through regular exercise, we can combat stress, tension and tension. Sports release adrenaline in our bodies, clear our thoughts, and naturally improve our physical condition and fitness. It is often difficult to get into sports, but if we play a good piece of music and practice it, the sport becomes much easier and more fun. Those who exercise or exercise regularly will find it easier to beat the disease or even avoid infection thanks to a boosted immune system.

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To exercise, we wear specially made clothes and shoes! The material of this sportswear absorbs sweat, while at the same time using materials that are breathable. Even rest and good posture are important considerations.

the perfect mind in healthy body!

When we go to the gym or burn calories during fitness classes, it is important that there is no reverberation in the room, we can improve the sound a lot by Use acoustic panelsSo listening to music while exercising is not only beneficial for our ears and state of mind, but it also improves our performance. We don’t have to give up exercising, even though the coronavirus epidemic is forcing us to stay within four walls. If you are exercising or exercising at home, in your living room you can listen to music on your phone or laptop, but for perfect sound it is nice to have high quality speakers and of course recommended. On the walls and ceiling of rooms. It’s never too late to start exercising, no matter our age! A person can find the exercise they love to do and be effective. There are also more intense and fast sports and quieter, slower movements such as yoga. Yoga strives to achieve harmony and peace, so the development of proper acoustic conditions must also be considered during yoga. While practicing yoga, fun music is a very important part of practicing yoga, so perfect sounds are essential for this type of movement as well!

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