Brussels can think twice about ratifying the Brexit agreement Now

The European Parliament (EP) has given the United Kingdom two months to consider the Brexit agreement. Earlier this month, Brussels asked London to adjourn until the end of April, as the text of the agreement was to be translated into 24 different languages. That approval has now been granted, the British Cabinet announced on Tuesday.

The United Kingdom technically withdrew from the EU on January 1, 2021. One week before the end of 2020, a Brexit agreement was signed between the two parties to steer mutual trade in the right direction.

The UK Parliament has already given its approval before the start of this year, but the European Parliament has so far given only preliminary approval until the end of February. The EP may use the intervening two months to discuss the content of the agreement.

However, parliament needs more time because the full text of the 1,200-page agreement must be translated into the 24 languages ​​of EU member states. It is time for the European Commission to submit a request to London for a two-month delay.

Due to British approval, the deadline for final approval has been changed to April 30. London added that it considered another delay would not be heard.

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