Everyone is angry at Baudet for his judgment of Nuremberg

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Almost all responses ignored the essence of the processes

You can tell from Rote that it was at least rascals who put Hitler’s mustache on his painting. Thierry Bodt does this for himself. His observation that the Nuremberg trials were illegal illustrates what is raging and pervasive under his hood. What Buddt said sparked public outrage. You can read and hear everywhere that these operations were precisely a reaction to extremism and therefore deserve all support. This way, for example The CIDI Express himself.

Photo: ANP / Robin van Lonkhuijsen

Almost all responses to Bode’s statement ignored the essence of operations. After Germany’s surrender, the Allies created the Nuremberg Tribunal to try a new type of crime, crimes against humanity (or humanity as the English word) Humane In this regard, I think it was translated incorrectly). This was so big, so horrific, and so comprehensive that it affected everyone in this world. Therefore, perpetrators – including accomplices – can only be brought before an international court. The four main allied countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, France and the Soviet Union, already had this in 1943 Between themselves agreed.

In the end, fifty countries joined the alliance against the Axis powers. They were not part of the court but they did send observers. The composition of the similar court in Tokyo, where the Japanese leaders had to hold themselves accountable, was wider. It included judges from 11 countries, including ours. Officially, the Special Courts in Nuremberg and Tokyo were summoned to the International Military Tribunal.

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At the end of the last century, the Nuremberg thread was again captured. This time there was a leading role for the United Nations. Both the Yugoslavia and the International Criminal Court operate under the auspices of Peoples’ International. Suspects are tried for four types of crimes: genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and aggression. The latter means launching or preparing for a war of aggression. In fact, these groups taken together are a breakdown of the term “crimes against humanity”.

Compared to Nuremberg and Tokyo, this is a big step forward. You can no longer say that the victors will judge the losers. Because of its association with the United Nations, it now makes judgments on behalf of all of humanity. So it is not about treating extremism in this context, but rather about prohibiting specific heinous crimes that have continued from World War II to the present day.

I think sometimes: the political consciousness in the Netherlands is sad.

And she looked? He could have cited several international courts in his comment, but it was correct Nuremberg Who came to him. This is important enough. In the photo and example it is clear that he wants to furnish the Netherlands. Let him cook in the soup he prepared himself.

As for the rest, my opinion is that the issue of benefits should not disappear from public interest. The same applies to natural gas in Groningen. Especially now that Omtzigt suddenly has to take things easy.

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