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Because of Brexit, the trade rules applicable within the EU no longer apply to the United Kingdom. That country is now called the Third Country in terms of trade.

However, the damage caused by the deal, which ended with the militants at the end of December, will be better than expected. However, it will no longer be the same as it was before Brexit. Since 1/1/2021, a border has been introduced in trade between EU countries and the UK, which will be reflected in both our movements across the channel and the purchases there.

VAT, customs duty etc.

Since the UK is now a “third country” like the US, China and Zimbabwe, the chances of additional costs are real:

  • Watt. This is not required for products not exceeding 22 prior to July 1, 021. From July 1, 2021, VAT will be levied on all products imported into the EU;
  • Obligations, if your purchase is less than 150 or it is about products of UK origin (for example, made in the UK). However, the latter is often not the case;
  • Also customs systems, transportation costs and permit costs.

All of those costs can add up significantly. It is unthinkable that sellers will send them to consumers.

So if you order something from a British web shop, carefully check what costs have already been charged. You will not be the first person to receive an unexpected, undesirable invoice from a courier.

Want to know more about the effects of Brexit?

In our Brexit file, we will discuss the implications of both your travels to the United Kingdom and your online purchases.

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