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On Wednesday, the cabinet will again consider plans to impose a curfew. The last suggestion is that it should take effect between 8.30 PM and 4.30 AM, according to the insider report.

Earlier, there was talk of a curfew from 8 pm. The extra half hour should make it easier for children to, among other things, return home after exercising and training, which is the reason behind the new proposal.

The heavy-duty measure has been back on the table for some time due to Britain’s most contagious mutation of coronavirus. The experts on the outbreak management team (OMT) are extremely concerned about this.

Not only does the locker consider a curfew, but it also imposes restrictions on the maximum number of guests a family can have. Now a family might have a maximum of two people above the floor, the locker wants to limit that to one guest. There is also talk of banning flights to and from the UK and South Africa.

Insiders warn that plans remain subject to change. Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jong (Public Health) want to announce the plans at a press conference early Wednesday afternoon.

After that, it will be discussed in the House of Representatives. Curfews are sensitive there, but support appears to be growing.

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