Wout van Aert does not limit himself to one scenario: “There is no need to be afraid to race early” | World Cycling Championship

4 times silver and 1 time bronze: Wout van Aert has already collected a collection of medals in road trials and time trials at the World Championships, European Championships and Games. One color is still missing from his collection. Will Glasgow bring him gold? “We should not think that we will divide everything among ourselves,” he warns.

Wout van Aert had a different preparation than last year. Not only because of the early time of the World Cup, but also because of his style on the tour. He disappeared from the circus a little early, but he didn’t completely destroy himself.

“This time last year I was still sick after the tour and I was still tired. Then there was no chance of a good tournament at the beginning of August, but now I feel different,” Van Aart told our team in Scotland.

The tactical picture was discussed endlessly. What is the ideal scenario for him? He must look at the competition within his team and the evolution of modern cycling. Those who wait often fall into a trap.

Van Aert: “Remco Evenepoel is a great candidate, but we should not think that we will divide him among ourselves. There are many competitors.”

I see two real candidates: Mads Pedersen and Mathieu van der Poel.

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“I don’t have to be afraid to race early and have a good result in hand. So I don’t have to pin myself on one scenario.”

What does “previous race” mean? “This is mainly about this course and my experience at the 2018 European Championships,” says the 2018 European Championships bronze medalist. “Then it was very simple, we went early and the race was over.”

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“Other countries will also open the race early. They will quickly disappear from view. Many riders will choose to attack.”

Is Van Aert losing sleep over all this tactical hype? “No, I try to think it through once and then there’s another meeting with the team. Then you have to put it aside.”

“My experience tells me that if you keep thinking too much, this scenario will happen that you didn’t think about and then you won’t be prepared for. There has to be room for decision making in the moment.”

What answers the necessary question: who is the favorite? “I see two real candidates: Mads Pedersen and Mathieu van der Poel.”

“If you can’t drive, it will be difficult for you to win the World Cup.”

Wout van Aert came to take a look at Glasgow after the Classics. However, he then had to study road trip by city bike.

“The steep climb was better today on my race bike than then,” he winked.

This course is described as a playground for cross riders. Is this correct? “There’s nothing wrong with being able to corner well. I’m putting it another way: If you can’t steer, it’s difficult to win the World Cup.”

“But there are still riders who can go through corners faster than me. Mathieu van der Poel? Yes, I know him too.”

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