Customs warns that you will soon not be allowed to take Cheddar cheese with you from the UK | Currently

The UK will be one of the most popular holiday destinations outside of the European Union from January 1. Customs warns Thursday that because England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are no longer part of the European Union, different rules will apply to taking items in luggage.

The new baggage rules apply to all modes of transportation. “It doesn’t matter if you are traveling by ferry, plane, car or bus,” says customs, which advises travelers to review the new rules. This can be done via the Wijs op Reis website and the travel customs app.

“Although Brexit is a much discussed topic, knowledge of changing customs rules is still lagging behind,” says the service, based on a survey of travelers “related to the United Kingdom”. “Things are especially bad with questions about bringing in dairy products, meat and fish.” Many people mistakenly believe that you can easily recover a slice of cheddar cheese or a slice of Scottish salmon.

The rules for how much alcohol you can drink with you will also change from January 1, 2021. From now on, you can recover one liter of gin or Scotch whiskey from the country of origin tax free.

In 2019 the countries that make up the United Kingdom together are still good for the nearly two million Dutch visitors. Shopping is a popular activity for them, depending on the customs.

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