Can an electric bike explode? Not if you focus on it

An electric bicycle is a very safe mode of transportation as long as you use it normally. Nevertheless, videos of e-bikes exploding or catching fire continue to appear on the Internet. Does this happen on your copy as well?

It’s definitely a big dream for many e-bike owners: your electric bike that explodes. Not only will this damage your bike, but a little unfortunately, everything around it will catch fire. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen often, but it can’t be ruled out.

The cause of the electric bicycle explosion

Of course, the entire electric bicycle did not explode, but only one part: the battery. A new e-bike is still in great shape, but it can deteriorate over time, and even then there is little chance that it will actually catch fire. This is really about batteries that are damaged, in poor condition or poorly maintained.

Nevertheless, it does not hurt to check the electric bicycle battery regularly. There are signs that you may notice that your battery is deteriorating.

For example, is the battery damaged after a hard fall or does it heat up while cycling? Then you should notice. So it is better to visit a bicycle repair shop.

What should you focus on?

Does your electric bicycle battery need to be replaced? You should really pay attention to where to buy a new battery. Cheap is expensive in many cases. Third party batteries are sold in various online stores. These are not always good. So it is better to check if these are of good quality.

The enigmatic success story of the electric bicycle
A VanMoof. (Image: VanMoof)

But the dangers apply not only to batteries, but also to chargers. For example, the English newspaper The Guardian found that many cheap chargers for electric bicycle batteries were being sold via online shops in the United Kingdom. For example, these lack fuses and increase the risk of shock.

Of course, the Netherlands is different from the United Kingdom, but the same providers are active here as in our neighboring country. Think Wish, eBay and Amazon. Incidentally, the latter immediately removed the chargers from its range after the discovery of the English newspaper.

So pay attention to your battery and don’t replace the charger or battery with a cheap option. This way you can enjoy your electric bike for a very short time.

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Can your electric bike explode?

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