China imports more from its ‘enemy’ Taiwan

Taiwan is a major supplier to China. Last year, imports of all goods from China were worth 2,700 billion US dollars (= 2.7 trillion), of which Taiwan was the most important with 250 billion dollars. South Korea is second with 213 billion euros, followed by Japan with 206 billion. It is followed by two countries outside the region, the United States and Australia.

Number six is ​​China?! Last year, China was found to have ‘imported’ goods worth US$157 billion from Hong Kong. These are many products that are ‘exported’ from China to Hong Kong and then returned to mainland China after processing.

Then follow Germany, Brazil, Malaysia, Vietnam and Russia. Last year, China imported nearly $80 billion worth of goods from Russia. In the first quarter of this year, imports from Russia grew faster than imports from other countries.

Globally, China is the second largest importer after the US. With the largest gap of two, Germany is third. Next is Japan, Hong Kong, France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands at number 8.

China is by far the world’s largest exporter
China is the most important exporter. Last year, China’s exports were worth 3,400 billion dollars. The United States is in second place, followed by Germany. After Japan, the Netherlands is the world’s 5th (re)exporter, exporting almost 700 billion dollars of goods last year.

China exports most of its goods to the US. Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam will follow. Then comes Germany and the Netherlands is China’s 7th customer.

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