Christ is “too feminine” and receives criticism from ultra-conservatives

The poster caused a stir on social media. An ultra-conservative Catholic association, among others, opposed the image, which they believed was sexual in nature. The poster by Spanish artist Salustiano García shows the risen Christ. He wears a white shroud around his waist.

The Institute for Social Policy (Ipse) wrote on X’s website that the poster was a “true disgrace”. The conservative organization defends “Christian symbols” and opposes abortion. The institute called for the removal of the “unnatural” and “effeminate” image of Christ, and demanded that the artist make a public apology. According to the organization, the image has nothing to do with “the spirit of Holy Week.”

The local leader of the far-right Vox party in Seville, Javier Navarro, joined the criticism. He described the poster on X as provocative. “The image does not fulfill the purpose for which it was created, which is the pious participation of believers,” Navarro said.

The artist condemned the reactions. In an interview with the Spanish newspaper ABC, he said he was “surprised” by the attacks and painted a “sympathetic and elegant” work out of “deep respect” for believers. “Anyone who sees sexuality in Christ is sick,” the 52-year-old artist said, also noting that Christ was often depicted naked in classical art. “People who have a problem with my work (…) need some art history.”

Socialists in the Spanish government defended the poster. Local politician Juan Espadas condemned the “homophobic and hateful” nature of the comments. (Belga)

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