Not your day? According to science, this way you can get rid of it within one minute

Scientists from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the University of Texas, and Hong Kong Baptist University I developed this trick. Originally intended to investigate impulsive purchases, this technique can also make your bad day more bearable going forward.

Embodying emotions

So how does it work? It’s actually very funny. You begin to imagine this melancholy as a real person. In the study, people had to write about a sad event and then transform those feelings into a fictional character. So, on that bad day, for example, the receptionist will be grumpy and barely want to talk to you, with huge bags under his eyes and a deep frown line.

It may sound crazy, but it really works. Participants who showed depression ultimately felt much better. They can see feelings as something that exists outside of themselves, which makes it easier to distance themselves from them.

Try it yourself

Would you like to try it yourself? Grab a pen and paper, or if you’re feeling artistic, use some colored pencils. Draw what your bad day would look like as a person. Make it as crazy or as funny as you want, but above all, be detailed. Science says that after just one minute of drawing or writing you will feel lighter. Who knows, this might be the trick to turning your bad day into a great one.

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