Final Fantasy 6 remake will be 20 years in development

Square Enix is ​​presenting the Final Fantasy VII remake in no less than three parts, although many players would have liked to see another installment with a modern look. Take Final Fantasy VI, which countless fans consider the best entry in the series, despite the 2D graphics. However, reproducing that game would take a very long time. This was revealed by Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase.

In a recent interview, Kitase discussed the option of remaking the beloved sixth installment of the series. During the interview, which was translated by the Shinra Archeology Department, he talked about the long development periods of modern games. For example, he says Final Fantasy VII Remake took about 10 years in total to develop. So a remake similar to Final Fantasy VI may have been in development for 20 years. This is because the game offers a wide range of characters.

Hironobu Sakaguchi, the series’ creator, also said that remaking Final Fantasy VI could take a very long time. This is because switching from 2D pixel art to 3D graphics is much more difficult. Entire environments will have to literally be reimagined.

Of course, the Final Fantasy VI remake would be a dream project for countless Final Fantasy fans. Whether this will happen at all is the question of course. After all, Square Enix may have a Final Fantasy IX remake in the works. At least, that game appeared in Nvidia’s infamous leak a few years ago. Several games from this leak have been released since then, but there has been no trace of a Final Fantasy IX remake.

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Maybe the game will be revealed in a new state of play?

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