Citizen Science Day: Citizen Science Projects in and around Leiden

(Photo: Leiden, 2022).

Scientists will collaborate with non-scientists at the Park de Houtkamp near the stadium in Leiderdorp on Saturday. It is then Citizen Science Day. Science for all On August 6, everyone will become a scientist on the many citizen science projects in and around Leiden.

Several projects are being undertaken, such as the mapping of riverine vegetation using the River Botanical Examination. Biodiversity hotspots discovered using Leiden 2022 Bioblitz on In the Park de Houtkamp pond, various aquatic animals are hunted and counted. It also explains how water quality can be improved in urban basins.

Another project looks at noise and light pollution and explains how participants can share their feedback. Non-scientists can also contribute to science at home. “From your computer, you can help astronomers search for the universe.”

Anyone wishing to participate in Citizen Science Day can visit the Park de Houtkamp in Leiderdorp on Saturday 6 August from 11am-4pm.

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