Comfort homes from the region respond: “The page is upside down” (Tenin)

Peter Everaert, Current Director of In De Gouden Jaren; We also do not want anything related to the problems of the past. We started with a clean record here. ”
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Tenin / Glapec –

The list published by the Welfare and Health Agency with nursing homes under “increased supervision” contains the names of several nursing homes in the area. One nuance: “The situation has improved dramatically here.”

Thirteen residential care centers have been placed under increased supervision by the Welfare and Health Agency because significant shortages have been identified in the past. The list sent by the agency and Health Minister Wouter Beke (CD&V) to Flemish Member of Parliament Lise Vandecastel (PVDA) includes both the Residential Care Center in De Gouden Jaren of Tienen and Den Boomgaard in Glabbeek.

According to Peter Everaert, current director of In De Gouden Jaren, this is a case of the past. “There was an acquisition here: Last year the Residential Care Center was taken over (Aedifica acquired the property, and the operation is now in the hands of Emera, Editor.) Much has changed here since then. Additional staff have been hired, and modifications have been made to the building: Now there is a security camera system, there are solar screens, they have been repainted, etc. The last checks were all good here. The page of the past has been folded here, and we don’t want anything else related to the problems of that time. We started with a clean slate here. ”

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According to the Residential Care Center, the only thing left is to wait for official confirmation from Care and Health that De Gouden Jaren has been removed from the list, and that this promise was actually made via email. However, this confirmation has to be done by speech. That message has not yet been sent, according to Welfare and Health.

Glabbeek’s Den Boomgaard Residential Care Center is also on the list. “There was really a problem in the Residential Care Center,” says Glabbeek’s mayor, Peter Rickmans (Village Party). I also denounced these problems myself. But in the meantime, we have been working hard for months with a new management team and new employees, and all points of improvement have now been clarified.

Joris Moonens of the Welfare and Health Agency indicates that the situation has indeed improved in Den Boomgaard.

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