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The Danish startup is growing rapidly, with recent expansions in the United Kingdom and the United States. Biites caters to the growing need for brands to connect with audiences with high quality movies.

At Biites, we also see high demand from consumers who want to watch high quality, ad-free videos. This presents a huge opportunity for brands, says Postma, who also believes that longer content has a future. “The audience only has a short time for you if you’re not relevant. Consumers spend many hours on streaming services each month, and that means they really have time for good stories.

long content
DFDS, Rental Cars, Macallan, Carlsberg, Jaguar, and Velux, among others, use Biites to distribute high-quality long-form video content. For the Dutch launch, Justdiggit, The Post, FBTO, DELA, LvB, Axioma, HCSS (The Hague Center for Strategic Studies) and joined this list. Negotiations are currently underway with the other major parties.

Postma: Biites are not targeted by competing brands and the viewer is unfazed by the viewing experience through ads. The content has been carefully curated to ensure quality and to accommodate high-quality feature-length films. In addition, it is specially designed for long videos, which creates a different viewing experience. “

Guaranteed opinions
Postma is confident in Biites’ business model: “You can buy your own channel in Biites, but the most used alternative in Denmark and the UK is pay-per-view. Companies publish their videos on and buy a guaranteed number of views for the content on the platform. This can be applied The width is from thirty seconds, but also from one hundred and twenty seconds. Depending on your goal, the length of your video and of course the budget. Biites guarantees those views guaranteed by online advertising campaigns. This means that in addition to opinions about Biites, you also have a large number of Views about diverse and carefully selected modes.

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Biites Global Video Platform is the “Home of Branded Programming” that provides brands and content creators with access to an ad-free streaming service available to users around the world. Biites is the place for business storytelling. The Copenhagen Company provides an uninterrupted, brand-secure and 100% viewable marketing platform for global and local branded video content advertisers.

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