Counter-Strike 2 players have been banned for moving their mouse too quickly

Apparently you can enter Counter Strike 2 You will be blocked if you move your mouse too quickly. Most players will never receive such a ban, but it is a risk that exists.

It seems to be all about the mouse’s DPI (dots per inch) settings. These are the settings to determine the sensitivity of your mouse, increasing it to 10,000 while you then make quick in-game movements will also be enough to force a ban.

This ban is then automatically issued by the VAC, or Valve Anti-Cheat, system. This system is supposed to detect bots and hacks automatically, but there are also so-called false positives. In this case, the system interprets the high DPI and fast movements as “spins”, with players using the macro keys to shoot randomly at the ground and then jump straight up and score instant headshots.

As mentioned earlier, many players will likely not be effectively banned because they are moving their mouse too quickly, but anyone who likes to play with a high DPI is currently at risk, when this shouldn’t be the case.

Previously, players with AMD’s Anti-Lag+ feature would also receive an automatic ban. Last week, Valve announced that this ban would be lifted.

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