Crazy about beer? Blame your genes! | health

A team of researchers at the University of Edinburgh wanted to know exactly what our favorite foods and drinks were. Where we grew up and the way we were raised are important factors that determine whether we like to eat and drink something. Indeed, our genes play an important role, says Professor Jim Wilson in the journal Nature Communications.

“Some people are born with genes that make them like the taste of alcohol,” he says. “There are even specific genes that determine whether we prefer different alcoholic beverages such as white wine, beer or whiskey.”

To reach this conclusion, Wilson and his researchers asked more than 160,000 Britons to rate 139 different foods. They then divided people who found the same thing tasty (or, conversely, disgusting) into groups to check if they had genetic similarities. According to Wilson, three distinct groups emerged, one of which was made up of people who liked to smoke and drink alcohol.

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