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Last week, 1,106 people were eligible for free eyeglasses. From August 22-26, hundreds of people signed up for a free eye test and eyeglasses. It was a complete pair of glasses with frames and lenses. Vision clinics were set up in different locations and were only intended for people who needed glasses.

The initiative of this project comes from Cru Suriname in cooperation with the international humanitarian organization UNTO. “We knew the glasses were expensive, but when we were preparing the project a couple of years ago, the prices weren’t high,” says Sean Libby, Director of Cru Suriname, in a conversation with the Suriname Herald. He is very satisfied with the project and talks about success.

The project was implemented in Paramaribo, Anika and Nikiri. Although services were provided from 11am to 5pm, people were in different locations for an early number of 3am. The intention was to help 200 people per day, but more than 200 people were helped per day.

A total of 1157 people attended for eye examination, of whom 1106 were eligible for spectacles. Libby says the project aims to help people get rid of their financial needs. “We preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. We tell people about his love and forgiveness, but there is also a physical need and we were able to help with this project,” says Libby.

It is not clear when this project will be undertaken again, but given the need, the organization wants to look into the possibilities of making it a recurring project. “It is true that we first have to write the project and submit an application. We cannot promise that this will be a recurring event.”

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The glasses project was intended for children from the age of 12. The powers of the Cups were between -6 and +6, with both sides being the same strength. Thus, people whose strength differed in the left eye and the right eye could not be helped. Reading glasses are also provided.

The project was also not intended for people with cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases because the project leaders were not ophthalmologists or specialists.

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