Danielle Van T Ship still positive: ‘A toast to health’

Despite the fact that she is seriously ill, Danielle Van Shipp tries to stay positive. She says on Instagram that it’s “Health Cheers.” Followers were very impressed by the positive woman. You read “a beautiful person”.

Willeke Alberti’s daughter is known for her optimistic attitude towards life, but this is becoming increasingly difficult given the current circumstances. Danielle has been fighting cancer for over a year. In April last year, she was told that she had two malignant tumors in her body.

Debilitating chemotherapy

Danielle is having a hard time. She recently said that chemotherapy is destroying her body. She wrote on Instagram: “I lost 20 kilograms from diapers, three hairs on my left head, my thyroid and kidneys are suffering, and sore nerves in my left leg.”


But despite everything, Danielle remains positive. In a message on Instagram, she said that she rejoices in health. Toast only because I don’t drink alcohol. Luckily my best friends around me do,” writes Danielle. She shares the lyrics to “Red Wine” by Bram Vermeulen along with a photo of her. “What an existence, what a life. It can’t be broken, what luck. Red wine, red wine. Come on, let’s have fun.”

‘beautiful person’

The positivity that Danielle exudes unleashes a lot for her followers. ,,beautiful person. You deserve to live to be a hundred, you really make the world more beautiful. Please light a candle for you,” one follower wrote. Another: “Your smile radiates so much warmth and positivity.. lovely.”

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