Destiny 2 Lightfall review – that’s what the games are

Destiny 2 It has actually undergone quite a few changes in the years it has been released, with every major expansion the game seems to be taking steps or evolving a bit. The game is actually very different from what was originally released, if only because it has definitely improved.

Now i have to say that after i run the update and then a few hours later i get around again and then i get back into the game with a new update. It takes a while to get in again, but then you can go back in again. It really gets used to the armor system and more. It is true that with each update, adaptation to the new seems to go more smoothly.

There’s also a new Strand subclass now, which is the most eye-catching addition and the campaign is now all about learning how to work with this addition. Strand feels completely unique and really new when compared to the rest of the classes, and now you suddenly have the option to grapple and the option to slingshot, it suddenly gives you more freedom of movement. In addition, you can unlock more options through the campaign, which really makes the game more fun.

Earlier I talked about the armor system, the so-called buildcraft. This is perhaps the most notable change that Destiny 2 has gone through. The combination of mods, armor stats, and all sorts of customization options for your specific subclasses makes it quite obvious how players can put hundreds, if not thousands, of hours into a game. When a game captivates me, I can really immerse myself in finding the right deck, which is why I really imagine this game has really managed to retain such a fanbase.

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The same can be said of the new Root of Nightmares raid; I’ve always loved the Destiny raid experiences and the Lightfall add-on is no different. Bungie’s environment design can always be called unique, and raids are also where boys become men. The entire light and dark mechanic used throughout the raid is welcome for several reasons, not least because it slowly teaches players the mechanics they’ll eventually need to master together before the final battle against Nezarec. It seems like an easier raid than most active players are used to, but it’s no less attractive as far as I’m concerned; And in my view, this was the perfect refresher course after such a long absence from the game.

The event of the current season is also very interesting, but it is always difficult to say anything about it. Defiant Battlegrounds offers players a steady stream of new Vanguard Ops to compete with, and the rewards for including the seasonal story are well worth it. While the Lightfall campaign appears to be a let down by most accounts, the flow of stories with Season of Defiance feels much more rosy, at least so far.

Of course there are plenty of other new activities to be found – many of which are related to the Neumona Patrol area, while some have been added to areas such as the European Dead Zone. The exotic Vexcalibur quest uses mechanics you know from previous seasons and the quest probably reminds you of some of the other quests. This gives players a reason to properly explore and absorb Neomuna.

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All things considered, the thing is, even if Lightfall isn’t perfect by any means, it still feels like a good time to embark on this revered journey. Lightfall delivers a powerful update to the Destiny universe.

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