“Disease is the same as the name of the laboratory!”

The Late Show met Stephen Colbert He triumphantly returned to the Ed Sullivan Theater on Monday, in front of a fully vaccinated audience, welcoming the former host. daily showand the Jon Stewart As the first guest on stage in 15 months. While it made sense to discuss the pandemic that kept the theater empty all along, Colbert He looked surprised when Stewart revealed his faith COVID-19 It came from a lab in Wuhan, China, and Popular conversation topic in conservative media.

“I think we owe science a huge debt,” Stewart said. “Science has in many ways helped alleviate the suffering of this pandemic, which may have been the cause of science.”

“Do you mean there is a possibility that this was done in the lab?” Colbert asked. “Chance?” Stewart replied. “There is a new respiratory coronavirus that is overtaking Wuhan, China, so what should we do? Oh, you know, who can we ask? The new Wuhan respiratory coronavirus lab. The disease has the same name as the lab! That’s a bit weird!”

Stewart continued to repeat this line of thought several times during the interview.

Chinese authorities for a long time Unacceptable Lab leak theory, sticking to the claim that the coronavirus came from bats. But Stewart doesn’t buy it.

“Coronavirus is generally found in Wuhan, how did that happen?” asked Stewart. “Maybe a bat flew into a turkey mantle and then sneezed into a chili and now we all have coronavirus. Come on.”

But Colbert responded and offered a different view.

“It’s possible that they have a lab in Wuhan to study novel coronavirus diseases because there are many novel coronavirus diseases in Wuhan because of the bat population there,” Colbert said.

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Stewart later spoke about the scientists, saying they did not know when they would step down. Stewart believes that scientists will be responsible for the end of humanity.

“That’s how I think the world will end,” Stewart said. “I tell you this frankly…the world is coming to an end, the last words the guy utters are somewhere in the lab, the guy says, ‘Huh, it worked!'” “

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