Djokovic to reach ATP Tour Finals semifinals Tennis

Novak Djokovic goes to his ninth semifinal in London. Alexander Sverrev Although he is relieved to be out of the ATP Tour Final, he is embroiled in personal confusion as questions about his abusive girlfriend Olya Sharipova continue to haunt him.

The show-out they performed on the sixth day was a tense and random affair, with five-time champion Djokovic 6-3, 7-6 (4) in one hour and 36 minutes.

World No. 1 was satisfied with his performance – in the midst of the excitement of normal tennis, they both excelled. Djokovic, who lost to Sverre in the 2018 final, knocked him out for the fourth time in six encounters, although it would not be in vain if he looked at the tape before playing World No. 3 Dominic Theme on Saturday.

Inevitably, the emphasis then shifted from tennis to off-court. When asked how other players responded to him, Sverev said: “They are all good to me. The relationship between me and the players will not change. The players know what is going on. I said everything I could. It is very unfortunate that these kinds of false accusations cause such damage and distract attention from the game. But unfortunately, this is the world we live in now. There is nothing I can do about it. ”

Djokovic, who was nominated for a return to the ATP Players’ Council, is considered a moral mentor in the sport and has been given the support he deserves. “I did not notice him being treated differently in the locker room, but I did not talk to him about that particular case,” he said. “I told him I’m here if he needs to talk. He’s handling it well because of the appearance of his results. I sincerely wish he could deal with this soon.”

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As for tennis, Djokovic immediately said: “I felt good. At the start of the first set, he had three or four chances, but, unlike my last match against Daniel, [Medvedev], I saw the right shots at the right time. He is an excellent player, serving 140mph. Whose game is it. At the tie-break I read his approach 4-3 and gave the match away. ”

Djokovic got off to a perfect start, winning nine of the first 10 points before advancing 3-0 before he had to clear his eyebrows. Sverev briefly struggled to control his service until a romantic capture calmed his right hand.

The rallies lasted and the level was significantly higher, however it took Sverev 20 minutes to find a rhythm, and the second ace lifted his spirits, just like the two break points in the main seventh game. Djokovic’s tennis slipped a bit and he had to catch up with Deuce with a controlled smash of 5-2. Djokovic, who had lost his previous determination, kept the set alive with his third ace before 33 minutes of tense work.

Sverev, who re-established his credentials behind the improved service, hit a pair of ACs and a double error early in the second set, which lasted twice as long as the first. Djokovic, who had avoided the Paris Masters to be new to the match, was briefly subdued and his ground was temporary, his legs not so fast. The third double mistake gave Sverev a break point in the fourth game, but he was unable to take the money after the extended Deuce battle.

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Sverev was tough and deep, but could not make much use of his opportunities. A series of double mistakes in the fifth game shifted the pressure to his end; He saved two break points, one with an ace, and trembled to progress in the service cycle within hours.

They worked for the tie-break and Djokovic rediscovered his focus – however, the relief he had when Sverev moved his final shot into the net was evident in his ritual cup-of-love homage to the (empty) arena.

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