Rules for coming to the UK on your own boat.

Following Brexit, a new customs clearance procedure has been introduced. In addition, there are currently strict rules regarding the Govt-19 epidemic, which is a major barrier to entry into the UK by own boat. In anticipation of the traditional spring voyages, the North Sea Regional Team has developed an overview of the ongoing activities in relation to Brexit and Govt-19.

Govt-19 duties as a cruise ship

  • You must have proof of a negative Covit-19 test, which should not exceed three days.
  • You must isolate the visit for 10 days, including the day of arrival.
  • It is not expected that the authorities in the UK will agree to spend the isolated period on their own ship: a place should be arranged after the shore (stay at the hotel or with family / friends). There are strict rules for staying in such a place. Must be allowed to stay on board during this period and must be on board permanently.


RYA – Advice and Information for Entertainment Potters

UK Government / UK Border Control – Self-isolation when you arrive

Customs clearance with the United Kingdom after Brexit

After Brexit, the new rules will apply in addition to the normal customs rules for cross-border travel to the UK with your own ship.

These rules have been published Government of England Announcement8 Briefly come down to:

  • Mandatory flying of the Q flag within 12 miles
  • Telephone Notice of Your Arrival in the UK with the following Details: “National Boat” (Tel. 0300 123 2012)
  1. Carrying board goods, which are considered “surplus shops” as defined in the UK Note 69A.
  2. Shipping prohibited items,
  3. Sick crew members are on board
  4. Persons to be cleared by customs.
  • Completes and sends document C1331, which includes details of the ship and a list of crew. At present, this document cannot be sent electronically.
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Arriving boats are considered temporary imports that will stay in the UK for a maximum of 18 months:

  • This boat is registered outside the UK
  • This boat is owned by someone living outside the UK
  • This boat is used by non-UK people.

In reviewing the project, it was determined that it was written primarily for UK residents. Specific questions have been submitted to the Royal Ferry Association for discussions with the UK Government regarding ship visits from third countries.

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