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Where does this claim come from?

A person is unconscious when infected Lost consciousness. Then the person does not respond to stimuli from his environment. You cannot wake an unconscious person.

What to do if you find someone unconscious? You tend to provide comfort to the victim. For example, you put a blanket on top of them, and many will also put a pillow under their head. It seems counterintuitive, but it’s still best not to do the latter.


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How should you interpret this news?

How do you control someone’s consciousness?

Gently shrug your shoulders and ask out loud if everything is okay. If the person does not respond, he or she is unconscious.

Why can’t you put a pillow under your head?

When someone is unconscious, Relax all musclesAs well as the muscles of the tongue.

  • This can cause the tongue to fall into the pharynx. In this way, the tongue can… Closing the airway.
  • This hinders breathing, exposing the person to the risk of suffocation.
  • This can be done by placing a pillow under the head The effect is further enhanced Become.
How do you help an unconscious person?

Do you want to help someone who is unconscious? Then it is better to deal with the victim’s head Carefully back To push so that the neck and mouth muscles tense. Listen to see if the person is still breathing.

  • Is this the case? Then lay the person on his side.
  • Is he or she no longer breathing? Then call emergency services and begin CPR.
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When a person is unconscious, all muscles relax, including the tongue muscles. The tongue can fall into the pharynx and block the airway. If you place a pillow under your head, you increase this risk. If you want to help an unconscious person, it is best to gently push the victim’s head back.


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