Documentary “Gauguin: From The National Gallery of London” at the Amstelveen Cinema

Amstelveen In the Arts in Cinema – Kijk op Kunst series, the documentary “Gauguin: From The National Gallery of London”, including an introduction, can be watched at Cinema Amstelveen from 7.30pm on Tuesday 22 September.

This exciting cinematic event kicks off with a new, sixty-minute documentary about the life and work of Paul Gauguin, voiced by Dominic West. This is followed by a private thirty-minute tour of the National Gallery in London, photographed exclusively for cinema.
Filmed in location in Tahiti, France, the Marquesas Islands and the United Kingdom, the documentary addresses Gauguin’s exceptional – and often problematic – artistic achievements with comments from his descendants, artists and contemporary experts. The film highlights Gauguin’s legacy not only through the lens of art history, but also through post-colonial politics and social aspects, in the context of the artist’s treatment of young indigenous women and his role in French colonialism in the nineteenth century.
Arts in Cinema is a series of documentaries about top international galleries and passionate artists. These documentaries offer an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at world-class museums. Filled with information, accessible and entertaining, films provide an immersive cinematic journey through the world’s most beloved arts and their creators.
Full Series: Wed Oct 28 – The Undercover Impressionists; Wednesday 11 November – Frida Kahlo; Tuesday 17 November – Maverick Modigliani; Tuesday Dec 1 – Rafael: The Young Prodigy.
Before each show, museum teacher and visual artist Henk van den Bosch gives a short and informative introduction about the artist and / or movement.

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