The murder of a 14-year-old girl causes an uproar in France: two 15-year-old suspects charged with murder | Abroad

The body of 14-year-old Alisha was seen Monday evening in the Seine River near the municipality of Argenteuil near Paris. A few hours later, two of his colleagues, a fifteen-year-old boy and girl, were arrested. According to Corbaux, the boy and the victim had a short-lived love affair. After that, intimate photos of the victim were distributed, after which a quarrel broke out in early March.

According to the attorney, there are text messages being discussed to do something for the 14-year-old. Later, she was ambushed. The suspect would have thrown her on the ground, hit her, and kicked her. Then, with the help of the girl, she was thrown into the water. “She was not unconscious, but she was also immobile when they decided to throw it into the Seine,” Corbo said. Maybe the girl drowned after that. Her body suffered many bruises.

The victim’s family called for Alisha’s memorial march this weekend. Her mother called for justice in the French media.

The boy and the girl face a twenty-year prison sentence.

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