Does Netflix come with its own social network called “N-Plus”?

In a survey, Netflix asks users what they think about the idea of ​​a private social network in terms of movie and series content. The service will be called “N-Plus,” and the purpose is that it will be the first place to discover and discuss everything about your favorite series.

Netflix Social Network

Are you recording the next season of your favorite series? Is more known about the upcoming Star Wars trilogy, and what other people thought about that strange “Black Mirror” episode? For all of these things, people online are looking at news sites and internet forums like Reddit, however Netflix He wants to have all these conversations on his new “N-Plus” social network.

At the very least, that’s evidenced by a survey the streaming service sent out to a group of subscribers, according to protocol. Netflix has requested feedback on new ideas for content, including podcasts, as well as user-generated playlists. There was also a question about what users thought of the idea of ​​creating a new social network that would allow you to follow updates and discuss all your favorite movies and series.

Help define your favorite series

The description of the service, which will be called “N-Plus”, states that users can also provide feedback during pre-production and influence the development of a movie or series before filming ends. More details are missing, and it is not clear, for example, whether N-Plus is only intended for Netflix shows or other content.

The idea of ​​N-Plus is reminiscent of the new content in Spotify. You will see more and more essential information in this music service Stories About tales and songs of your favorite artists. Netflix appears to be wanting to go the extra mile with N-Plus, although it is not yet certain if a downturn will actually come. What do you think of this idea? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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