Dutch Queen Maxima: ‘The Queen’s life is not a fairy tale’


Being a queen is not just a fairy tale. Queen Maxima said in an interview with Al Jazeera that it is a great responsibility. According to her, there is no fairy tale of the king and queen. “It is more difficult work than anything I have done before. I worked in a bank in New York, working sixteen hours a day,” explains the Queen.

source: BELGA

“When you hold this position, you have a responsibility to make a difference somewhere. I take it very seriously,” Maxima, who told Al Jazeera about her role as a UN special envoy, continued. “It’s just a small part of what I do.”

Maxima said she holds her position as queen in her own way. She has no ambition to change this role. “Everyone does it in their own way and according to their ability. I hope I can contribute something with my talents. But every Queen is different. There is no fixed format for that.”

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Maxima says the perfect queen does not exist. “It will be different in every country. And also my daughter will do it differently than me. The only thing I can tell her is to find what you love and give you energy. Because if you do that, you can make a difference.”

Al Jazeera interviewed the Queen last week during her trip to the United Nations through Ivory Coast and Senegal. Queen Maxima, like the rest of the royal family, rarely gives extensive interviews.

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